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About Our Laser 'Splendor X'

The Lumenis Splendor X is a device that’s most often used for laser hair removal. It’s designed to safely and permanently remove hair anywhere on the body, across all skin types and tones.


This versatile laser can also treat a range of other skin concerns, including wrinkles and vascular or pigmented lesions.

- Skin treatments across an infinite spectrum of skin tones

- No overlap, No burns & No retouching missed areas

 - Treatment versatility and skin solutions

- Excellent results

- Fast treatments


How It Works?

Splendor X is an in-office treatment. The laser to suit your skin tone and hair thickness. You’ll be given eye protection, and a test pulse for the treatment area, to see if you have any adverse reaction. 

Then methodically treat one small area at a time, moving the hand-piece. With each pulse, the light from the laser energy will destroy the targeted hair follicles. A warm sensation, but discomfort should be minimized by the device’s built-in dual cooling system (DCS), which uses forced air to keep the hand-piece and the surface of your skin chilled with each pass. You may notice some immediate redness or swelling afterward, but it should resolve in a few hours. There’s no downtime, and can resume regular activities right away. 

Want To Erase All That Unwanted Hair?

A full body can be treated in as little as 30 minutes. It's painless and starts working instantly.


Splendor X is a global leader in laser and energy-based technologies. Treat yourself by never having to wax again!

- No downtime

- Immediate results

- Painless

Splendor X targets all unwanted hairs start your year off right. Splendor X has NO serious side effects:

- some redness

- Swelling around the hair follicles

- Multiple treatments


​After Care Treatment For Splendor X

Typically, people need 6-8 hair removal sessions, every one to two months, to see optimal results. You’ll see some reduction in hair after your first session. The number of treatments and their cadence can vary by body part. We advise you to limit sun exposure for a few weeks and be diligent about using sunscreen with an SPF of 30++

Splendor X

The first laser hair removal system that uses a hybrid of two wavelengths. It's able to target hair and blood supply simultaneously, allowing for effective hair removal and the treatment of vascular lesions with the same device.

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