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About Our Laser 'LinearFirm'
Linear Firm is a is the world's first and only linear-shot HIFU treatment.
It is composed of 7 linear type cartridges that enables various depth treatment and 8 dot type cartridges.
WIth the appropriate cartridge depending on the procedural purposes including epidermis, dermis, SMAS layer, fat layer, etc., it can form coagulation and also, it only takes 3 minutes to irradiate 300 shots with linear type cartridge that will contour the face and body skin elasticity.
- Safe & More comfort than other devices
- Almost 3x faster than other HIFUs
 - No anesthesia Non-invasive
- Short downtime 
- Direct results 

How It Works?
Linear Firm is great for patients whose skin elasticity is loose and those who do not have much fat. It has a face lifting & thigh elasticity improvement with strong line-type ultrasonic energy. The machine can treat even the most minor areas. A comfortable procedure that also shows prompt results. 
Using the thermal action of the ultrasonic energy output from the focused ultrasonic transducer. It coagulates tissue to 'lift the face and improve body skin elasticity.' Through various types of cartridges, it is perfect for each skin thickness and an ideal fit for the desired area from the shallow layer to the deep layer of the skin. It only takes 3 minutes to irradiate 300 shots with a linear-type cartridge.

​An Ultra Contour For Your Face & Body?
13 types of cartridges deliver delicate energy to each skin layer. A comfortable procedure quick return to daily life
It takes little as 3 minutes to irradiate 300 shots with the linear-type cartridge. The Ultra Boost for your face and the Ultra contouring for your body
-Short downtime
- Immediate results
- Painless
Society is approaching an anti-aging community along with the trend of ‘baby face,’ LinearFirm has NO serious side effects:
- Blotchy skin
- Numbness
- Hyper-pigmentation

After Treatment for LinearFirm
To get the most benefits from your treatment, keep to the aftercare procedure. These tips will help increase your treatment's effectiveness and ensure prolonged benefits! After the skin treatment, We advise you to limit yourself from too much exposure to sunlight (be diligent about using sunscreen). Try to avoid consuming alcohol, don't scratch your skin, and lastly, drink lots of water.


‘Linear Firm’ includes 6 linear cartridges and 7 dot cartridges (2mm, 3mm, 4.5mm, 9mm, 11mm, 13mm) that can be used at various depths. Depending on your desired results, you can select a cartridge suitable for the epidermis, dermal layer, SMAS layer, or fat layer.

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