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Acne-Prone Skin: Understanding Causes and Recommended Treatments


Are you grappling with the pesky issue of acne, the bane of skincare enthusiasts everywhere? Addressing it properly is crucial rather than letting it run amok or attempting DIY extractions. We delve into the causes behind acne, its significance based on affected areas, and unveil recommended acne treatments curated by Bling K Beauty. Join us on this journey to decode the mysteries of acne management and achieve healthier, clearer skin.


1. What is Acne?

Acne is a common skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. It can vary in severity, from mild cases characterized by occasional outbreaks to severe cases that cause significant skin inflammation and scarring. Hormonal changes, genetics, certain medications, and lifestyle factors such as diet and stress can contribute to the development of acne. 

2. Cause of occurrence by acne area

Cause of occurrence by acne area

-Clogged Pores
-Oily Skin
-Environmental Pollution
-Incorrect Use of Cosmetics
-Hand Contact
-Hormonal Changes
-Dietary Habits
-Lifestyle Factors
-Harsh Skincare products
  • Forehead: Stress can stimulate sebum production, leading to acne formation. And when pores get clogged with dirt or environmental pollutants, acne is more likely to occur.

  • Nose: Excessive sebum production in the nose area, common in oily skin types, can lead to frequent acne breakouts. Accumulation of dust and pollutants in the air around the nose can contribute to acne development.

  • Cheeks: Using excessively oily cosmetics or products that do not suit your skin type can lead to acne. Touching your face frequently with your hands can transfer impurities and bacteria to your skin, leading to acne.

  • Chin: Hormonal fluctuations, particularly common in women, can lead to acne around the chin area. Acne related to hormonal changes may occur periodically. And Consumption of high-sugar or high-fat foods can increase sebum production, leading to acne around the chin area.

  • Jawline: Poor sleep, excessive stress, unhealthy eating habits, and other lifestyle factors can contribute to jawline acne. And Using skincare products containing alcohol or strong chemical ingredients can irritate the skin, leading to acne along the jawline.

3. Introducing Acne Treatment-CIVASAN

CIVASAN Acne Treatment

White Acne
Inflammatory Acne
Pore / Scar
Sizopirin Cellular + PANAFESOL + Hy+Balsam
Sizopirin Cellular +
Damage Booster
Hy+Balsam +

  • Sizopirin Cellular: The Trans-X system is a protein penetration system that reaches deep into the skin. Proteins play a crucial role not only in maintaining the skin's normal condition but also in restoring it to its original healthy state. Optimized for the PTD method, the Trans-X system utilizes polyisobutene, a patented ingredient of Botox called "Volufiline," to inhibit neurotransmitters, thus smoothing wrinkles and filling the spaces between them. This method maximizes regeneration by providing abundant silk proteins, EGF, filler ingredients, etc.

  • PANAFESOL: It's a peeling system tailored for different areas of the skin, allowing for the fundamental resolution of problematic areas. For thin or problematic areas such as cheeks, forehead, and eye areas, each treatment is customized to address the specific characteristics of modern skin. This involves setting different ingredients tailored to each area's needs. By adjusting pH levels and targeting issues like pigmentation, fine lines, and inflammatory acne, we can effectively address a variety of skin concerns.

  • Hy+Balsam: Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) is primarily composed of hyaluronic acid, which easily binds with moisture, making it optimal for enveloping moisture. By facilitating the absorption of moisture and other active ingredients into the skin, it helps prevent dryness and itching, thus creating an optimized skin condition capable of self-protection against external environmental factors. Activating aquaporins (membrane proteins that induce passive transport of water molecules) increases the natural moisturizing factor in the stratum corneum, ensuring continuous supply and circulation of moisture in the epidermis to maintain healthy skin.

  • Damage Booster: Using micro spicule, pain was minimized, and cells were stimulated for 18 hours. Utilizing a specialized damage solution as an activator, it induces rapid and safe regeneration simultaneously with the process of embedding speckles into the skin. It is effective in skin regeneration.

  • VAROCOBIN C: A powder blend that maintains a pH of 3.5~4.0 through a unique mixing mechanism, ensuring the easy destruction of pure vitamin C and preventing its degradation. As vitamin C is the only antioxidant that promotes the synthesis of collagen, which accounts for 70% of the total weight of the entire dermis, continuous synthesis of both ingredients is necessary to maintain healthy skin.

  • PYGCENIN: Melanin undergoes continuous production and accumulates over time, leading to discoloration, and there is a very high risk of recurrence. Prevention is crucial as melanin accumulation persists. As we are constantly exposed to environments where melanin is generated due to UV exposure, it is essential to block melanin production regularly. This is achieved through a Tyrosine Ace Complex.

Don't leave your skin issues untreated; instead, achieve clear and radiant skin through professional and effective skincare management. Experience amazing skin treatment with Bling K Beauty!

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