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Unveiling the Marvels of FASCELLA: Transformative Post-Care for Timeless Beauty

Updated: Jan 4


Step into a realm of beauty and rejuvenation with FASCELLA, a revolutionary post-care treatment that combines the power of RET RF Diathermy, Fascia Tools, LF Massage, and the magic touch of Magic Gloves. Unlike traditional RF Therapy that merely generates heat, FASCELLA offers a unique blend of Fascia & Cell Therapy, providing an optimal solution to combat the visible effects of aging. Let's explore how FASCELLA works and what sets it apart in the world of post-care treatments.


1. What is FASCELLA?

FASCELLA is a synergistic treatment system that utilizes RET RF Diathermy, Fascia Tools, LF Massage, and Magic Gloves to restore vitality to your face and body. This innovative approach goes beyond traditional RF Therapy by simultaneously addressing both fascia and cellular needs. The result? Natural beauty and youth that emanate from within.

2. How FASCELLA works:

Over time, the skin undergoes various changes, leading to the visible signs of aging. FASCELLA emerges as the optimal solution through Resistive Electric Transfer (RET), utilizing radio frequency technology to elevate the skin's temperature. This process induces cellular stimulation, converting electromagnetic energy into thermal energy.

Furthermore, Radiofrequency Energy Transfer (RET) facilitates accelerated preparatory processes, enhancing blood circulation, and supplying oxygen and essential nutrients to cells and tissues. The treatment also stimulates lymphatic drainage, efficiently eliminating waste materials and contributing to overall skin health improvement.

3. What Sets FASCELLA Post-Care Apart?

FASCELLA distinguishes itself as a revolutionary treatment by combining high-frequency RET RF with GUA-SHA, delivering heat energy deep into damaged tissues. This process directly activates cellular functions, expediting the regeneration of damaged vascular tissues and promoting the regeneration of adhered fascia. Key features include:

  • a. Comfort and Effectiveness: FASCELLA provides comfort to patients in a short amount of time, ensuring more effective post-care results, especially beneficial for procedures like liposuction and face lifting.

  • b. Gentle and Painless Recovery: Unlike conventional post-care methods that induce physical trauma, FASCELLA post-care ensures a pain-free and stable recovery, offering the most comfortable approach for optimal results.

  • c. Fibrosis Prevention: FASCELLA effectively prevents fibrosis by promoting rapid vascular regeneration and lymphatic tissue support, reducing potential side effects post-surgery.

  • d. Skin Surface Restoration: Especially after fat suction surgery, FASCELLA aids in the recovery of damaged skin, blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatic vessels, providing a uniform and smooth surface.

  • e. Immune System Enhancement: FASCELLA contributes to immune system strengthening by promoting healthy blood circulation and aiding in the removal of waste materials, supporting overall immune health.

Experience the transformative power of FASCELLA post-care – a cutting-edge treatment designed to enhance your beauty, ensure a comfortable recovery, and bring forth optimal results. Embrace the future of skincare with FASCELLA and redefine your journey to timeless youth and radiant beauty.

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