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Body lifting and shaping at once...



No more Botox

Usually, Botox and lifting procedures must be performed in parallel to achieve effects.  

Fascella has a differentiated feature in that two effects can be expected with just one procedure.

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Glass Stone’

 The difference from conventional flat handpieces that are flat - The human body is not a two-dimensional flat figure but a 3D one.

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A new type of lifting equipment combining

high-frequency and low-frequency energy

Fascia and muscles induce physical contraction, reducing the size of hypertrophied muscles or

giving elasticity and tightening effects to loose skin tissue.


The critical point of lifting is to promote Fascia

Myofascial remodeling and cell activation simultaneously. When this fascia adheres, the skin and fat layer sag downward, waste products accumulate, and cellulite proliferates.

The specialty of bling k beauty spa

  1.  1:1 customized counseling after identifying areas of concern for body type through size measurement and eating habits check

  2.  Post Body care that maximizes the effect after plastic surgery; Postoperative swelling management, cellulite management, pain management (Liposuction, BBL etc.)

  3.  more potent than a massage; A more effective massage by applying RF to the muscles that are tight due to repetitive labor and poor posture

  4.  reduction in muscle size; To do this, injections such as Botox are usually used, which simply have the effect of suppressing muscles, but FASCELLA solves the root cause of managing the size itself by loosening the muscles.

 Lymphatic massage is highly beneficial for individuals seeking the following:

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Fast recovery after plastic surgery

Whether you've undergone liposuction, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, or Brazilian Buttock lift, lymphatic massage is essential for the surgical area. It aids in draining accumulated bodily fluids, promoting healing, and reducing post-operative swelling.


Professional and

consistent sculpting management

If you desire professional and consistent sculpting management following body plastic surgery, lymphatic massage can offer the support and guidance needed for optimal results.


Management of swelling and bruising

Lymphatic massage helps facilitate blood circulation, ensuring that bruises from plastic surgery are absorbed as quickly as possible. It also provides short-term intensive swelling management, allowing individuals to return to their daily lives sooner.


Fat and muscle rearrangement:

Lymphatic massage can assist in swiftly reorganizing fat and muscle after various procedures, contributing to a more harmonious and sculpted appearance.

Overall, lymphatic massage is a valuable aid for individuals seeking a faster recovery,

effective management of swelling and bruising,

and expert sculpting care after plastic surgery.

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