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Fastest, safest Laser Hair Removal Machine

Maximize Results with Effective Laser Equipment

When performed by skilled medical professionals, hair removal treatments can yield more satisfying outcomes.

The SPLENFER X, our featured laser equipment, offers exceptional capabilities.

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It encompasses the commonly used 755nm and 1064nm single wavelengths, allowing for simultaneous treatment. Moreover, the energy levels can be adjusted to accommodate different skin conditions, enabling a more personalized and practical approach.

With a power output of 250W, this system significantly enhances treatment effectiveness, often requiring just a few sessions to achieve desired results. Our dual cooling system, consisting of contact and air cooling, minimizes discomfort and prioritizes patient comfort.

Additionally, Splendor X's Blend X Mode surpasses single-wavelength treatments at 755nm, leading to high patient satisfaction following the procedure. Experience the difference with our advanced laser technology for hair removal.

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스크린샷 2023-06-01 오전 11.56.30.png

One of the standout features of Splendor X is its square irradiation port,

which sets it apart from other existing equipment that often utilizes circular patterns,
resulting in inconsistent coverage and painful overlap.

However, the advanced square irradiation sphere of Splendor X enables swift and precise treatment, ensuring that the entire treatment area is evenly covered without any overlapping.

This makes it ideal for busy individuals seeking a simple and efficient solution.

The remarkable hair removal effects of Splendor X have been widely acknowledged.

Moreover, it is the only laser that simultaneously emits both 755nm and 1064nm wavelengths,

approved by the FDA and the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

From small to large treatment areas, Splendor X offers versatility and can be used for a wide range of applications. Patients experience relief from any discomfort during the procedure and can quickly return to their daily activities.

Experience the exceptional benefits of Splendor X, where efficiency, effectiveness,

and patient comfort come together for unparalleled results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the excellence of Korean dermatology to you by seamlessly integrating highly skilled estheticians and cutting-edge equipment from South Korea. Embrace the pinnacle of skincare with our carefully curated services.

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