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Body Treatment Services


Total Power Sculpture 

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Total Power sculpture devices employ SIEMT (Supreme Intensity Electromagnetic) technology for simultaneous muscle building and fat burning. Total Power Sculpture procedures utilize more intense body sculpting methods to shape various areas like arms, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and more, allowing you to achieve your ideal physique more quickly and with greater efficiency.

Recommend this to:

  • Makes buttocks look better for a more attractive appearance.

  • Uses non-surgery methods to improve stomach muscles.

  • Reduces arm and underarm fat while toning bicep muscles.

  • Builds muscle and promotes growth.

  • Restores firmness and suppleness to intimate areas.

  • Gets rid of extra fat in specific areas.

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GUA-SHA + Lymphatic Massage


The machine employed for this purpose is known as FASCELLA. This procedure is designed to effectively restore the contours of loose and saggy skin. But how does it operate? It involves the application of RF (Radio Frequency) technology to the facial area, achieved through grafting GUA-SHA.  This process serves a dual purpose: firstly, by eliminating edema buildup on the face; and secondly, by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. These elements contribute to granting the skin a smoother, softer texture and enhanced elasticity.

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Body Contouring


Discover two remarkable procedures for achieving skin rejuvenation and body revitalization. With the FASCELLA technique, we offer a solution to reconstruct saggy skin contours. Through the application of RF technology and GUA-SHA grafting, accumulated facial edema is addressed while fostering collagen and elastin production, resulting in enhanced skin softness and elasticity. On the other hand, our MultiShape procedure harnesses the power of an optimized machine renowned for its exceptional outcomes in body remodeling, cellulite reduction, collagen stimulation, and combating sagging skin across the body.  Among its numerous benefits are lymphatic drainage promotion, improved blood circulation, subcutaneous tissue and fat layer reduction, increased venous blood flow, and enhanced blood oxygenation. Experience comprehensive skin and body transformation with these innovative procedures. *In order to produce the best result, doing Fascella and Multishape is highly recommended (using 2 sessions). If more than one session is left for the same body part, then it can be used for either Fascella or Multishap.

Linear Firm®

HIFU Skin Tightening


LinearFirm stands as the world's exclusive High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment, employing ultrasonic energy from a specialized transducer to coagulate tissue, resulting in lifted eyebrows and enhanced thigh skin elasticity. The innovation lies in its precisely designed cartridge system, which utilizes linear-focused ultrasonic waves to evenly disperse energy, ensuring optimal outcomes with each session.

Recommend this to:

  • Those who want eyebrow lifting

  • Those who want to improve skin elasticity on the thighs

  • Those who want a quick return to daily life with a comfortable procedure

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