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Signature Facial


Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our Signature Facial Massage. This luxurious treatment combines expert skincare techniques with a soothing massage to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Our skilled therapists customize the session to address your unique skincare needs, promoting relaxation and a radiant glow. Feel the tension melt away as the gentle strokes and nourishing products work together to enhance your natural beauty. Treat yourself to our Signature Facial Massage for a blissful escape and a radiant complexion.

Recommend this to:

  • Escape and glow with our Signature Facial Massage

  • Personalized bliss for skincare enthusiasts

  • Quick self-care with our Signature Facial Massage

  • Luxurious treat or thoughtful gift – radiant memories await



GUA SHA + High Frequency Lymphatic Massage

The specialized equipment utilized for this purpose is referred to as FASCELLA®. This procedure is tailored to rejuvenate and tighten the facial skin's contours, addressing issues of sagging and laxity. But what's the mechanism behind it? The process involves the targeted application of RF (Radio Frequency) technology to the fascial skin, achieved through grafting GUA-SHA. This dual-action approach aims to alleviate edema accumulation in the fascial skin and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. These essential components play a pivotal role in imparting a supple, velvety texture and heightened elasticity to the facial skin. 

Recommend this to:

  • Those who wants to contour their face safely without any side effects

  • People who are sensitive to pain

  • Those who want to improve wrinkles and elasticity and reduce fat

  • It is an anesthetic-free management that allows daily life immediately.

Read more on FASCELLA Facial over here.


CIVASAN Skincare

civasan skin care_edited.jpg

CIVASAN skincare offers detailed solutions to address daily changes in skin concerns based on individuals' skin types and conditions. CIVASAN skincare is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin, utilizing low-irritation, natural surfactants, and emulsifiers, ensuring stable use even for sensitive skin.

Recommend this to:

  • All skin in need of regeneration

  • After dermatological procedures such as laser, peeling, and MTS

  • Dry and sensitive skin

  • Aging skin

  • Oily skin

Read more on CIVASAN over here.


RF Micro-Needling

Facial Treatment_edited_edited.jpg

The Potenza device, known as POTENZA®, utilizes radio frequency (RF) energy to target the dermis or epidermis layers, inducing tissue coagulation through heat from resistance. Its microneedles offer adjustable penetration depths (0.5mm to 4.0mm) for diverse skin conditions, delivering high-frequency energy selectively across skin layers. Highly recommend it to those who want to improve acne, pores, scars, elasticity, redness, and pigmentation!

Recommend this to:

  • People who want to improve acne, pores, scars, elasticity, pigmentation, and wrinkles

  • Who wants to have glowy skin

  • Who wants to increase skin immunity

Read more on POTNEZA over here.

Linear Firm®

HIFU Skin Tightening


LinearFirm stands as the world's exclusive High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment, employing ultrasonic energy from a specialized transducer to coagulate tissue, resulting in lifted eyebrows and enhanced thigh skin elasticity. The innovation lies in its precisely designed cartridge system, which utilizes linear-focused ultrasonic waves to evenly disperse energy, ensuring optimal outcomes with each session.

Recommend this to:

  • Those who want eyebrow lifting

  • Those who want to improve skin elasticity on the thighs

  • Those who want a quick return to daily life with a comfortable procedure

Read more on LInear Firm over here.




The LHALA PEEL procedure serves to normalize the thickened stratum corneum, thereby imparting a smooth and well-hydrated texture to the skin, while also rejuvenating its clarity and radiance. This process involves the deep penetration of the peel into the superficial dermal layer, effectively stimulating the synthesis of fibroblasts. This, in turn, promotes the generation of essential components like elastin and collagen, crucial for the restoration of skin elasticity and vitality.

Recommend to those who are:

  • worried about sensitive skin due to frequent procedures

  • burdened with keratin exfoliation  peeling

  • worried about shiny skin with a lot of sebum but still want complex procedures such as moisturizing/ elasticity/ regeneration

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