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Facial Treatment


RF Micro-Needling

Micro - Needling

(Multi-Tips Select 1 out of 11)

Single Session


3 Session Package



POTENZA®_Non-Invasive Tips(DDR&DIA)

Single Session


3 Session Package


BLING QUEEN's Tightening

POTENZA®_Non-Invasive Tips(DDR&DIA) + LInear Firm®(HIFU)

Single Session


3 Session Package


Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the excellence of Korean dermatology to you by seamlessly integrating highly skilled estheticians and cutting-edge equipment from South Korea. Embrace the pinnacle of skincare with our carefully curated services.

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(646) 586-5995

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Open Hours

Mon & Sun


Tue - Sat

10:30 am – 7:00 pm

* Last daily appointment is 6:30 PM


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